first and only blog about lana and cara

Hi! I'm Geovana and this tumblr is dedicated to my favorite singer Lana Del Rey and to my favorite model and human being Cara Delevingne. This is the first tumblr about Lana Del Rey and Cara Delevingne. I met Lana personally in November 11th, 2013 and she gave a kiss on my lips. Feel free to ask whatever you want. Instagram

i’m so tired of feeling sad over the same person and still i can’t help it. i don’t know what to do anymore.

Anonymous: Oh my God, I hope you feel okay already. I missed you, you have the best blog. The three most perfect people together: Lana, Cara and you. Love u xx

oh thank you for your concern! i’m feeling better now, with each day things pass. i’ve missed my followers too and thank you for the best blog part! hahahaha and i’m perfect? no, that’s impossible. only lana and cara! hahahaha <3

hello babies, i’m back

first things first i’m the realist: i wanna say i’m sorry for the absence but i’ve been through a lot lately. a lot of disappointments with the person i used to love more than anything, misunderstandings and awful things that life puts in our way so we can come back stronger. 
i have missed you a lot, i have missed tumblr a lot and your affection. 
but now i’m back and everything is going to be right on track.
love you guys, hope you understand.

it’s scaring when nothing is capable of making you happy and the things or people that used to make you happy start making you feel miserable